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中外洋文局牵头组建的国家重大翻译项目审定事情委员会以及配套建设的中国翻译研究院重点翻译任务统筹事情机制,审定了五批新冠肺炎疫情相关词汇英文表达,一起来看下。第五批新冠肺炎疫情相关词汇英文表达。疫情防控1. 不麻木、不厌战、不松劲 to remain vigilant and never slacken our efforts2. 统筹推进疫情防控和脱贫攻坚 to coordinate epidemic control with poverty alleviation3. 实行关闭式管控 to exercise management by sealing off entities4. 网格化治理 digital management for a matrix of urban communities5.《新冠肺炎疫情心理疏导事情方案》 Work Plan on Psychological Counseling for People Affected by COVID-196. 休舱 to close temporary treatment centers7. 武汉市以外地域排除离鄂通道管控 Areas in Hubei, with the exception of Wuhan City, lifted outbound transport restrictions.8. 武汉“解封” to lift the lockdown in Wuhan9. 临床前研究 preclinical research10. 疫苗临床试验和上市使用 clinical trial and application of vaccines11. 有效性和宁静性研究 safety and efficacy studies12. 机场处置专区 processing area for inbound passengers at the airport13. 境外进京人员 travelers arriving in Beijing from overseas14. 收支境防疫 epidemic prevention atborders15. 暂时停止外国人持现在有效来华签证和居留许可证入境 to temporarily suspend the entry into China of foreign nationals holding valid visas or residence permits互助抗疫16. 打好新冠肺炎疫情防控全球阻击战 to fight an all-out global war against COVID-1917. 打造人类卫生康健配合体 to build a global community of health 18. 各国应该联手加大宏观政策对冲力度。

Countries need to leverage and coordinate their macro policies to counteract the negative impact.19. 减免关税、取消壁垒、流通商业 to cut tariffs, remove barriers, and facilitate the flow of trade20. 康健丝绸之路 Silk Road of Health21. 建设新冠肺炎疫情防控网上知识中心,向所有国家开放 to set up an online COVID-19 knowledge center that is open to all countries22. 努力阻止疫情跨境流传 to minimize cross-border spread23. 开展国际联防联控 to make a collective response for control and treatment at the international level24. 区域公共卫生应急联络机制 regional emergency liaison mechanisms25. 全球公共卫生高级别集会 high-level meeting on international public health security26. 全球公共卫生治理 global public health governance27. 推广全面系统有效的防控指南 to promote control and treatment protocols that are comprehensive, systematic and effective28. 有序宁静的国际人员流动 orderly and safe flow of people between countries 29. 暂缓或淘汰留学人员等双向流动 to postpone or reduce the two-way flow of overseas students 对外援助30. 道不远人,人无异国。(援助韩国,源自新罗旅唐学者崔致远)Great distance cannot separate us;We alllive in a united world.31. 尼莲正东流,西树几春秋。

(援助印度,源自玄奘) By the Holy Lotus RiverWhere pure gold flows east.Looking back to the western shoreAt Buddha’s sacred grove for many thousands of autumns.32. 青山一道,共担风雨。(援助日本,源自王昌龄)Like themountain range stretches before you and me,Let usshare common trials and hardships together.33. 身若伏波,与子同海,若为落木,与子同枝,若为兰草,与子同室。(援助意大利,源自古罗马则学家塞涅卡)We are waves of the same sea, leaves of the same tree, flowers of the same garden.34. 团结定能胜利。(援助法国,源自雨果)United weshall overcome.35. 团结就是气力。

(援助比利时,源自其民族格言)Unity is strength.36. 亚当子孙皆兄弟,兄弟犹如手足亲。(援助伊朗,源自古波斯诗人萨迪)The sons of Adam are limbs of one, having been created of oneessence. 社会生活37. 产教融合 to integrate the resources of enterprises with vocational schools and universities38. 复工人员专列 special train for returning workers39. 全国住民消费价钱指数 CPI (consumer price index)40. 人均可支配收入 per capita disposable income41. 数字化康健证明 digital health certificate 42. 外地滞留在鄂人员宁静有序返乡 People stranded in Hubei return home in a safe and orderly manner.43. 务工人员宁静返岗 Migrant workers return to their posts in security. 44. 线上职业技术培训 online vocational training45. 预约进站 to make reservations at subway stations46. 云选会 cloud jobfair 47. 候餐区 waiting area 48. 取餐区 serving area 49. 结账区 cashier desk50. 分餐制 serving of individual dishes51. 公筷公勺 serving chopsticks and spoons52. 克制面临面就餐 Diners are not allowed to sit face to face.53. 停止接待群体性聚餐 Group meals are not allowed.54. 推广分时段就餐 to allow consumers to dine at staggered times55. 外卖服务 takeout services 56. 一客一用一消毒 disinfection after each serving 57. 一米线 one meter spacing in line (to wait in line at an interval of 1 meter) 职业群体58. 白衣执甲、逆行出征Heedless of their own safety, medical workers headed for the frontline against the virus.59. 闻令即动、勇挑重担 to respond promptly when called upon and assume great responsibilities 60. 新时代最可爱的人 the most admirable people in the new era61. 医务事情者是灼烁的使者、希望的使者,是最美的天使,是真正的英雄。


Medical workers are symbols of brightness and hope, the most beautiful angels and real heroes. 62. 战胜疫情的中坚气力 core forces in victory over the epidemic医学词汇63. 大盛行病 pandemic64. 散发病例 sporadic cases65. 致病机理 pathogenesis66. 刺突卵白 spike protein67. 动物源性病毒 zoonotic virus68. 重大动物疫病 major infectious animal diseases69. 高致病性禽流感 highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI)70. 中间宿主 intermediate host71. 轻症患者 patients with mild symptoms72. 重症患者 patients in severe or critical condition73. 无症状熏染者 asymptomatic cases/infections; asymptomatic carriers of COVID-1974. 新冠病毒检测为阳性/阴性 to testpositive/negative for the coronavirus75. 磨玻璃影 ground-glass opacities76. 可利霉素 carrimycin77. 创伤后应激障碍 post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)78. 综合性非药物性干预措施 comprehensive non-pharmaceutical interventions79. 住院 to be hospitalized/be admitted to hospital80. 转院 to transfer to another hospital81. 出院 to be discharged from hospital82. 毒性试验 toxicity testing83. 动物试验 animal testing 其他词汇84. 熏染控制和盛行病学专业人员协会 Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)85. 实时公布 real-time updates86. 生态情况部应急办 Emergency Management Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment87. 有害垃圾 hazardous waste88. 污水处置惩罚 sewage disposal89. 药品集中采购 centralized procurement of drugs90. 医疗废物处置能力 medical waste disposal capacity91. 医疗废物日产日清 to ensure that medical wasteis treated on a daily basis 92. 心理创伤 psychological trauma93. 默哀三分钟 to observe three minutes of silence to mourn the deceased94. 全国悲悼日a national day of mourning95. 悲悼抗击肺炎疫情牺牲义士和逝世同胞 to mourn martyrs who died in the fight against COVID-19 and compatriots who died of the disease96. 全国和驻外使领馆下半旗致哀 National flags flew athalf-mast across the country and in all Chinese embassies and consulates abroad.97. 网络祭扫服务 online tomb-sweeping services98. 严格遵守祭扫预约划定 to strictly follow schedulingarrangements for tomb-sweeping99. 疫情重灾区 epicenter of the outbreak100. 入境口岸 port of entry101. 抵制任何与病毒相关的污名 to reject any stigma associated with the virus102. 妨害国境卫生检疫罪crime of jeopardizing border quarantine security第四批聚焦疫情防控、经济社会生长、宣传公布和国际交流互助四个种别,筹谋整理、翻译审定了第四批新冠肺炎疫情相关词汇英文表达,共104个,供业界及相关人员参考使用。疫情防控1.控制感染源、切断流传途径to control the sources of infection and cut off the channels of transmission2.打破流传链to break the chains of transmission3.尽最大可能控制疫情波及规模to make every possible effort to curb the spread of the disease4.构筑群防群治的严密防线to build stringent lines of defense across society5.防控资源和气力下沉to channel both material and human resources down to the community level6.下层防控能力capacity for prevention and control at the community level7.医防联合Emphasis is needed on both prevention and treatment.8.强化公共卫生法治保障to strengthen the legal framework of public health9.统一的应急物资保障体系unified emergency supply system10.疫情防控重点地域key regions in epidemic prevention and control11.非疫情防控重点地域non-key regions; regions that are not critical in the epidemic prevention and control effort12.低、中、高风险地域low-, medium-, high-risk regions13.提高收治率和治愈率、降低熏染率和病亡率to improve the admission and cure rates and reduce the infection and fatality rates14.牢牢扭住城乡社区防控和患者救治两个关键to focus on stemming the spread at the community level and having all patients cared for15.内防扩散、外防输出to prevent the coronavirus from spreading within the city/region or beyond16.外防输入、内防反弹to prevent the coronavirus from re-entering the country to cause a new epidemic17.京津冀地域联防联控joint prevention and control efforts in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region18.反抗疫医务人员掩护、体贴、敬服to provide full protection and care to medical workers fighting against the epidemic19.统筹摆设轮休to better schedule rotating shifts20.医务人员科学防护和培训scientific prevention and proper training for medical workers21.重点防控部位人员的物资保障to make sure that essential supplies can be rapidly directed to personnel in key posts22.药品和疫苗研发drug and vaccine development23.入境航班将分流至指定机场to redirect inbound flights to designated airports24.第一入境点first point of entry25.境外输入关联病例cases resulting from virus carriers traveling from abroad; patients infected by virus carriers traveling from abroad26.入境人员闭环治理to ensure a seamless and hermetic process for managing the quarantine and monitoring of travelers arriving in China27.高度重视公共利益serious concern for the public good28.保持社交距离to enforce/practice social distancing29.解决好生活必须品供应的“最后一公里”问题to ensure the “last kilometer” delivery of daily necessities30.无当地新增病例to report no domestic cases; to report zero local cases; to record no locally transmitted infections31.疫情防控事情到了关键阶段The battle against the epidemic has arrived at a crucial moment.32.以武汉市为主战场的全国本土疫情流传已基本阻断The domestic coronavirus outbreak, centered in the city of Wuhan, has been contained in China/is now effectively under control in China.33.坚定信心、同舟共济、科学防治、精准施策to strengthen confidence and solidarity and take science-based and targeted measures34.掌握好防疫管控的度Moderation is required in epidemic prevention and control.35.在斗争一线考察识别干部to put officials to the test on the frontline36.对紧要关头当“逃兵”的干部要就地免职to remove from their posts officials who abandon the frontline at critical moments37.把问题解决在萌芽之时、成灾之前to eliminate risks at the source and resolving problems when they first appear38.战胜疫情to prevail over the epidemic; to beat the epidemic; to win the battle against the epidemic经济社会生长39.灵活复工to apply a flexible approach to the resumption of work40.恢复生发生活秩序to resume work and normal life41.统筹疫情防控和经济社会生长to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development42.中国经济韧性强劲,内需空间辽阔,工业基础雄厚China’s economy enjoys strong resilience, broad space for domestic demand, and a solid industrial foundation.43.形势努力向好The situation is witnessing positive changes.44.适时下调响应级别并实行动态调整to downgrade their emergency response level in due course and make dynamic adjustments45.将疫情对经济社会生长的影响降到最低to minimize the impact of the epidemic on social and economic development46.多种方式扩大产能和增加产量to expand capacity and increase output in a variety of ways47.阶段性、有针对性的减税降费政策phased and targeted tax and fee breaks48.财政贴息government interest subsidies49.缓缴税款deferment of taxes50.使用存量资金to tap into unallocated funds51.扩大地方政府专项债券刊行规模to scale up the issuance of special bonds by local governments52.预算内投资结构structure of investment from the government budget53.为防疫重点地域单列信贷规模to set aside credit for key regions in epidemic prevention and control54.提供专项信贷额度to provide special credit lines55.减免小微企业贷款利息to cut or cancel interest rates on loans to small and micro businesses56.就业优先政策pro-employment policies57.减负、稳岗、扩就业并举to take multi-pronged measures, including reducing corporate burdens, keeping the payroll stable, and creating more jobs58.因地因企因人分类帮扶to provide assistance specifically designed to suit different regions, enterprises and people59.“点对点、一站式”直达运输服务point-to-point transport services60.多渠道灵活就业flexible employment through multiple channels61.线上挂号失业和申领失业保险金online registration of unemployment and application for unemployment security insurance62.高校学生结业、招聘、考录graduation and job placement of college students63.精准对接劳务输出地和输入地to accurately connect both ends of labor transfer64.扶贫龙头企业、扶贫车间enterprises and workshops that employ local workers and play a major role in poverty alleviation65.产销对接to coordinate production and sales66.解决好贫困地域农畜产物卖难问题to help farmers in poor areas solve difficulties in selling their produce and livestock67.建设健全防止返贫机制to establish a sound mechanism to prevent any return to poverty/prevent any relapse into poverty68.买通人流、物流堵点to smooth travel and logistics channels69.放开货运物流限制to lift cargo transport bans70.春季农业生产spring-season agricultural activities71.春耕备耕spring farming and preparation72.“米袋子”省长责任制和“菜篮子”市长卖力制systems of holding provincial governors accountable for grain supplies and city mayors for daily food supplies73.农副产物生产、流通、供应production, distribution, and supply of agricultural products74.保障全国生活必须品市场总体稳定to maintain an overall balance in the market for daily necessities75.保持基本民生服务不停档to ensure the availability of basic public services76.用足用好合规的外贸政策工具to make full and best use of foreign trade policy tools77.简化通关手续to simplify procedures for customs clearance78.推出更多外汇便利化业务to offer more services to facilitate foreign exchange transactions79.严厉攻击涉疫违法犯罪to take firm action against epidemic-related crimes宣传公布80.规范和完善信息公布机制to standardize and improve the information release mechanism81.广泛普及疫情防控知识to disseminate information on epidemic prevention and control82.推进疫情防控的好履历好做法to promote best practices in prevention and control from across the country83.实时回应社会关切to provide timely responses to public concerns84.疫情信息公布依法做到公然、透明、实时、准确The release of epidemic information must be open, transparent, timely and accurate as prescribed by the law.85.引发正能量to evoke positivity86.在全社会弘扬真善美to promote high moral standards throughout society87.提升网上流传能力to strengthen online communication88.适应民众获取信息渠道的变化to meet people’s evolving ways of acquiring information国际交流互助89.中国—世卫组织团结考察专家组China-WHO Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) 90.以电话、信函、声明等方式表现慰问和支持to express sympathy and support by telephone, letter or statement91.向其他泛起疫情扩散的国家和地域提供力所能及的援助to provide assistance within our capacity to other countries and regions affected by the pandemic92.迎难而上,勇敢应对to rise up to the challenge and respond to it bravely93.实时同国际社会分享信息timely sharing of information with the international community94.制止使某个国家或特定群体遭受污名to avoid stigmatizing a country or particular group95.呼吁接纳紧迫的、努力的行动to call for urgent and aggressive action96.增强国家间政策协调to enhance policy coordination between countries97.(向其他国家)提供抗疫物资to offer supplies in support of the fight against the pandemic98.派出医疗小组协助抗疫to send medical teams to help combat the coronavirus99.控制疫情永远不会太晚It is never too late to get the pandemic under control.100.有效阻止疫情在全球伸张to contain the global spread of the virus101.接纳最全面、最严格、最彻底的防控举措to take the most comprehensive, rigorous and thorough measures102.对中国人民生命宁静和身体康健卖力,也是在为世界公共卫生事业作孝敬to act responsibly in protecting the safety and health of its people, and contribute to safeguarding global public health103.凝聚起战胜疫情的强大协力to form strong synergies to beat the pandemic104.守望相助、同舟共济to support each other/to stand closely together in difficult times第三批按政策举措、防控救治、社会生活、医学名词和其他语汇共五个种别,筹谋整理、翻译审定了第三批新冠肺炎疫情相关词汇英文表达,供业界及相关人员参考使用。政策举措1.向导能力、应对能力、组织发动能力、贯彻执行能力the ability to lead, respond, mobilize, and to execute orders2.科学战疫science-based approach in fighting the epidemic3.国家疫苗储蓄制度national vaccine reserve system4.疫情防控预警预测机制early warning and forecasting mechanism for epidemic prevention and control5.调整应急响应品级to adjust the emergency response level6.生物宁静法biosecurity law7.国家生物宁静风险防控和治理体系建设to develop a national biosecurity risk control and management system8.深化疫情防控国际互助deeper international cooperation on epidemic prevention and control/containment measures9.两年户口和档案托管two-year custodian service for household registration and personal files10.拓宽就地就近就业渠道to create more jobs locally11.援企、稳岗、扩就业 to assist businesses, stabilize employment, and create more jobs 12.优先吸纳贫困劳动力务工就业 to prioritize the employment of poor migrant workers 13.减免企业社会保险费reduction of and exemption from corporate social insurance premiums 14.社保延缴(to allow) deferred social security contributions 15.社保制度social insurance system; social security system 16.优惠帮扶举措preferential support measures 17.发挥医疗救助资金的兜底保障作用to make full use of the medical assistance fund to ensure that medical bills (of COVID-19 patients) are paid promptly18.做好工伤认定和待遇保障(to streamline/implement procedures) to identify and facilitate compensation for work-related infections 防控救治19.宁静距离safe distance20.防雾霾口罩anti-smog mask 21.口罩产能mask output 22.口罩预约mask reservation and purchase23.过滤性能filtering performance 24.含酒精的消毒液alcohol-based disinfectant25.消毒机械人disinfecting robot26.抗菌洗手液antibiotic hand sanitizer27.无人机drone28.注意下水道的通畅to ensure that sewers are not clogged 29.入户检测door-to-door testing 30.严控境外疫情输入strict control of imported infection 31.暂时隔离区域area for temporary quarantine32.增强病毒溯源和流传机理研究to strengthen research on the traceability and transmission mechanism of the virus 33.分享病毒基因序列 to share the genetic sequence of the virus 34.紧迫救治emergency treatment35.外科处置surgical treatment 36.修订诊断尺度revision of diagnostic criteria 37.应收尽收All suspected and confirmed patients should be admitted to the hospital. 38.应治尽治All confirmed patients should be treated.39.心理疏导psychological counseling40.分区严格隔离strict quarantine 41.污染集中处置惩罚centralized treatment of medical waste42.医疗垃圾处置惩罚medical waste disposal社会生活43.慕课MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) 44.网上面试online interview 45.网上签约to sign an employment contract online 46.员工康健监测和陈诉employee health monitoring and reporting 47.出行轨迹travel records 48.返岗证明health certificate for returning to work 49.小我私家行程证明proof of travel; travel records 50.共享员工employee sharing51.缓解用工荒to address labor shortage 52.工业扶贫poverty alleviation by developing industries53.消费扶贫poverty alleviation by consuming products and services from poor areas 54.服务消费consumption of services55.实物消费consumption of products 56.助农to support farmers and agriculture57.把被抑制、被冻结的消费释放出来 to stimulate consumption stifled by the outbreak 58.送货机械人(self-driving) delivery robot 59.社区批发计划community wholesale program 60.无接触销售non-physical-contact sales service 61.有效地填补供需缺口 to effectively fill the gap between supply and demand 62.康健码health code 63.康健申报declaration of health status 64.绿码green (health) code 65.绿色通道green channel 66.无接触电梯按钮virtual elevator buttons 67.客座率passenger load factor (PLF) 68.春节返乡岑岭Spring Festival travel rush 69.昼夜不停的施工进度around-the-clock construction 医学名词70.假阴性false negative71.L型冠状病毒L-type coronavirus72.S型冠状病毒S-type coronavirus73.体外膜肺氧合extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)74.法匹拉韦favipiravir 75.磷酸氯喹 chloroquine phosphate 76.瑞德西韦 remdesivir77.托珠单抗 tocilizumab 78.负压房间 negative pressure room 79.基础性疾病 underlying medical conditions80.病人专用通道 entrance for patients 81.医护人员专用通道 entrance for medical staff 82.半污染区 partially contaminated area83.污染区 contaminated area 84.检疫区 quarantine area 85.清洁区 clean area 其他词汇86.不获全胜决不轻言乐成。

We will not proclaim success until we have secured the final victory over COVID-19.87.祸乱滔天,方显英雄本色。True heroes arise in times of hardship.88.公共卫生宁静是人类面临的配合挑战。Public health security is a common challenge for humanity.89.生命宁静和生物宁静领域的重大科技结果是国之重器。

Major scientific and technological achievements in the fields of life safety and biosecurity are of vital importance to our country. 90.这是一次危机,也是一次大考。This is a crisis and also a test.91.中国气力、中国精神、中国效率 China has demonstrated strength, character and efficiency in fighting against the epidemic. 92.卖力任大国 a responsible major country93.聚集性疫情outbreak in clusters94.二级流传(继发性流传)secondary transmission 95.疫情高发区severely-hit regions (areas); areas (regions) with high infection rates第二批中国翻译研究院重点翻译任务统筹事情机制继续发挥作用,根据决议部署、防控救治、专有名词、机构场所、社会生活、其他语汇六个种别,搜集整理、翻译审定了第二批新冠肺炎疫情相关词汇英文表达,共134条,供业界及相关人员参考使用。决议部署1.生命重于泰山Saving lives is of paramount importance. 2.疫情就是下令,防控就是责任Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.3.向疫情全面宣战declare an all-out war on the epidemic4.没有硝烟的战争a war without smoke5.坚决打赢疫情防控的人民战争、总体战、阻击战be determined to fight and win the battle against the epidemic by mobilizing all resources, and blocking the spread of the virus 6.举国机制nationwide mechanism7.坚持全国一盘棋ensure a coordinated national response8.抗击疫情第一线the front line of the battle against the epidemic9.武汉胜则湖北胜,湖北胜则全国胜If Wuhan wins, Hubei wins. If Hubei wins, the whole country wins.10.英雄的都会heroic city11.打好武汉守卫战win the battle against the coronavirus and protect the city of Wuhan12.驰援武汉race against the clock to assist Wuhan13.科学防治、依法防治、精准防治、深入落实implementation of science-based, legal, and targeted measures in the prevention and control of the epidemic14.突出重点、统筹兼顾、分类指导、分区施策focus on key issues, strengthen coordination, give sector-specific guidance, and apply different policies for different areas 15.国家公共卫生应急治理体系the national public health emergency management system16.统筹疫情防控与经济社会秩序恢复implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in tandem with those aimed at getting the economy and society back to normal 17.公然、透明、卖力任态度an open, transparent and responsible manner18.疫情防控国家重点医疗物资保障调理平台the national distribution center /platform for major anti-epidemic medical supplies19.保障医疗防护物资供应ensure the supply of medical protective equipment20.对口支援pairing assistance (a national strategy in China for one province or a major city to provide assistance to a designated region in need of help)21.增强收治能力raise the hospital admission capacity22.密切跟踪、实时分析、迅速行动closely monitor, timely analyze, and swiftly respond to the epidemic23.提高救治水平improve the quality of medical treatment24.集中患者、集中专家、集中资源、集中救治treating the infected in dedicated facilities by senior medical professionals from all over the country and with all necessary resources 25.“一人一方案”“一人一团队”a dedicated team and a personalized treatment plan for each patient26.优先通行、免费通行priority and toll-free access27.减免养老、失业以及工伤这三项社会保险单元的缴费reduction in or an exemption from required premiums to be paid by employers for their employees’ old-age, unemployment and work-related injury insurances 28.防止信息恐慌prevent panic and manage information properly29.杜绝瞒报漏报say NO to concealing or underreporting infections30.攻击冒充伪劣crack down on fake and shoddy products31.克制麋集聚会ban mass gatherings防控救治32.《中华人民共和国感染病防治法》Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases33.国务院联防联控机制the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council34.重大疫情防控体制机制the mechanism for major epidemic prevention and control35.疫情可防、可控、可治an epidemic that can be prevented, controlled and stopped36.群防群控strengthen society-wide efforts to prevent and control the epidemic37.防止疫情跨境流传prevent the epidemic from spreading across borders38.做好重点地域疫情防控strengthen epidemic prevention and control in key regions39.做好返程人员疫情防控take measures to help returnees from infected regions in order to prevent any possible spread of the coronavirus40.外防输入 内防扩散prevent the spread of the coronavirus from both within and without of a city (or an area)41.分区分级精准防控a region-specific, multi-level targeted approach to epidemic prevention and control 42.差异化精准防控计谋 precise and differentiated epidemic control strategies43.社区疫情防控community-based epidemic prevention and control44.防控气力向社区下沉empower communities to prevent and control the spread of the coronavirus45.防止大规模社区流传prevent the wide spread of the coronavirus in communities46.不漏一户、不漏一人leave no one unscreened47.室内空气流通indoor ventilation48.可重复使用口罩reusable mask49.医学排查medical screening50.医学巡查medical inspection51.CT影像computed tomography imaging52.卫生检疫health quarantine53.疫情监测epidemic monitoring54.新型冠状病毒乐成分散successful isolation of a novel coronavirus55.《新型冠状病毒熏染的肺炎诊疗方案》Guidelines on the Novel Coronavirus-Infected Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment56.收治率patient admission rate57.临床试验clinical trials58.血浆治疗infusions of blood plasma59.恢复期血浆convalescent plasma therapy60.抗病毒治疗antiviral therapy61.抗生素治疗antibiotic therapy62.中医治疗TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) therapy63.中西医联合/中西医并用combined use of TCM and Western medicine64.隔空诊疗online diagnosis and treatment65.在线问诊online medical inquiries66.智慧医疗smart medical care67.数字医疗服务digital medical services68.氢氧治疗仪oxy-hydrogen breathing machine69.随访和复诊follow-up and subsequent visits70.吹哨人whistleblower71.逆行者people who brave a dangerous situation 72.最美逆行者heroes in harm’s way (the brave, unhesitating rescuers who rush to the epicenter of the virus)或brave rescuers who go in the teeth of danger专有名词73.新型冠状病毒肺炎COVID-19 74.甲型H1N1流感2009 H1N1 Flu75.卫生系统health system76.盛行病学史historical epidemiology77.甲类感染病category A infectious diseases78.超长潜伏期ultra-long incubation period79.气溶胶流传aerosol transmission80.粪口流传fecal-oral transmission81.交织熏染cross infection82.疫情峰值epidemic peak83.拐点turning point84.致病源pathogen85.临床诊断病例clinically diagnosed cases86.临床症状clinical signs and symptoms87.初发症状incipient symptoms88.并发症状syndrome或symptoms of complications89.抗体antibody90.特异性抗体specific antibody91.IgM抗体检测IgM antibody test92.四抗二平衡(所谓“四抗”,第一是抗病毒;第二是抗休克;第三是抗低氧血症;第四是抗继发熏染。“二平衡”,即维持水电解质、酸碱平衡以及维持微生态平衡)combined use of anti-viral, anti-shock, anti-hypoxemia medication, and measures to prevent secondary infectionsmaintain the water and electrolyte balance, acid-base balance and microecological balance93.特效药specific medicine94.试剂盒test kit95.呼吸机ventilator / respirator96.同情用药compassionate use of a drug (use a drug not yet approved under the compassionate use program) 机构场所97.世卫组织驻华代表处WHO China Representative Office98.全球防范监测委员会Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB)99.国际病毒分类委员会International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)100.冠状病毒事情组 Coronavirus Study Group (CSG)101.国家市场羁系总局State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR)102.国家药品监视治理局National Medical Products Administration (NMPA)103.国家中医药治理局National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (NATCM)104.中国红十字会Red Cross Society of China105.中国红十字基金会Chinese Red Cross Foundation (CRCF)106.武汉病毒所Wuhan Institute of Virology107.中国人民解放军军事医学科学院Academy of Military Medical Sciences108.疾病预防控制机构disease prevention and control institutions109.吉祥德科学公司Gilead Sciences110.暂时医院improvised hospital111.方舱医院temporary treatment centers112.重症监护病区intensive care unit (ICU)113.重症病区special ward (for patients with severe conditions)114.普通病区inpatient ward115.隔离病房isolation ward116.熏染控制、磨练、特诊、放射诊断科室infection control, clinical laboratory, special service and radiodiagnosis departments社会生活117.生活必须品necessities of life或 daily necessities118.错峰上下班staggered rush hour plan119.居家办公work from home120.在线教育online education121.在线直播live streaming122.远程办公telecommuting123.云办公软件cloud-based office tools124.网上就业服务online recruitment services125.开足马力(满负荷生产)go full steam ahead或operate at full capacity126.有序复工resume production in an orderly manner其他语汇127.全球公共卫生宁静global public health security128.山川异域,风月同天While mountains and rivers separate us, we enjoy the same moonlight under the same sky.或miles apart but close at heart129.岂曰无衣,与子同裳Fear not the want of armor, for mine is also yours to wear.或Together we stand, my armors thine.130.疫情无国界,人间有真情Virus knows no borders, but the worst of times reveals the best in people.131.投我以木桃,报之以琼瑶You throw a peach to me, I give you a white jade for friendship.或You toss me a peach, I give you a white jade in return.132.旅行限制travel restriction133.商业禁令trade restriction134.“钻石公主”号邮轮Diamond Princess cruise ship第一批中外洋文局中国翻译研究院翻译审定事情机制实时响应,按疫病名称,感染防控,政策举措,机构、职业群体和场所名称,病理症状,器具名称,其他医学名词等七个种别,搜集梳理、翻译审定了180条新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情相关词汇英文表达,供业界及相关人员参考使用。

疫病名称1.冠状病毒 coronavirus2.2019新型冠状病毒 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)3.肺炎 pneumonia4.病毒性肺炎 viral pneumonia5.不明原因肺炎 pneumonia of unknown etiology/cause6.严重急性呼吸综合征(非典) severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)7.严重急性呼吸道熏染 severe acute respiratory infection (SARI)8.急性呼吸拮据综合征 acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS)9.中东呼吸综合征 Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)10.呼吸道疾病(呼吸系统疾病) respiratory diseases感染防控11.国际关注的突发公共卫生事件 Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) 12.乙类感染病 Category B infectious diseases13.人传人 person-to-person/human-to-human transmission14.行走的感染源 mobile source of infection 15.潜伏期 incubation/latent period16.无症状的潜伏期 silent/asymptomatic incubation period17.特定感染病 specific infectious disease 18.病毒携带者 virus carrier19.无症状携带者 asymptomatic carrier20.超级流传者 super spreader21.飞沫流传 droplet transmission22.接触流传 contact transmission 23.病毒的伸张 spread of a virus24.隐性熏染 covert/silent/inapparent/subclinical infection 25.外源性熏染 exogenous infection26.密切接触者 close contact27.接触者追踪 contact tracing28.感染途径 route of transmission29.流传方式 mode of transmission30.宿主 host31.易感人群 susceptible/vulnerable population32.医院/院内熏染 nosocomial infection; hospital-acquired infection33.职业袒露 occupational exposure34.确诊病例 confirmed case 35.疑似病例 suspected case36.散在病例 sporadic case37.输入性病例 imported case38.二代病例 second-generation case39.感染性 transmissibility; infectivity40.致病性 pathogenicity41.疫情 epidemic; outbreak 42.疫区 affected area43.发病 morbidity44.发烧病人 patients with fever; febrile patients; fever patients45.重症 severe case46.发病率 incidence rate 47.死亡率 mortality rate 48.病死率(致死率) fatality/mortality/death rate49.治愈率 recovery rate50.疫情防控 epidemic prevention and control 51.监测体温 to monitor body temperature 52.体温检测 to check body temperature53.早发现、早隔离 early detection and early isolation54.隔离治疗 to receive treatment in isolation55.自我隔离 to quarantine yourself in your home; self-monitored quarantine 56.临床数据 clinical data57.核酸检测 nucleic acid testing (NAT) 58.血清诊断 serodiagnosis 59.自觉接受医学视察 to present yourself to medical observation 60.排除医学视察 to be discharged from medical observation61.诊断、治疗、追踪和筛查 diagnosis, treatment, tracing and screening62.预防措施 preventive measure63.疫苗 vaccine64.戴口罩 to wear a mask65.勤洗手/仔细洗手 to wash your hands often/carefully66.消毒 disinfection67.制止去人多的地方 avoid crowds68.康健筛查 health screening69.旅行限制 travel restrictions70.康健申报表 health declaration form71.海鲜市场 seafood market72.活体农贸市场 live animal market73.湿货市场 wet market74.野味 bushmeat; game75.果子狸 masked palm civet 76.蝙蝠 bat 77.竹鼠 bamboo rat78.獾 badger政策举措79.突发公共卫生事件 public health emergency80.启动重大突发公共卫生事件一级响应 to activate first-level public health emergency response81.掌握情况,不漏一人 to have full knowledge of the situation (of the community) and leave no one unchecked82.停止疫情伸张 to contain the outbreak83.封城 A city is on lockdown./A city goes into lockdown.84.延迟开学 to postpone the reopening of schools85.延长春节假期 to extend the Chinese New Year holiday86.(公开场合)消毒、通风以及体温检测 disinfection, ventilation and body temperature monitoring (in public areas)87.应急医院 makeshift hospital88.火神山医院 Huoshenshan Hospital (in Wuhan)89.雷神山医院 Leishenshan Hospital (in Wuhan)90.暂停外洋团队旅行 to suspend overseas group tours91.关闭景点 to close scenic spots92.取消大型聚会会议 to cancel mass gatherings93.淘汰外出 to make fewer trips outside94.控制人口流动 to curb population flow95.两周视察期 two-week observation period96.停运远程汽车 to halt long-distance buses97.调减市内公交to reduce the frequency of bus services in the city98.特殊报销政策 special reimbursement rules99.紧平衡 in tight balance100.医疗物资紧缺 shortage of medical supplies101.日常基本生活物资 daily necessities102.跨境采购 cross-border procurement103.囤积食物 to stock up on food104.捂货惜售 hoarding105.瞒报 to underreport 106.哄抬价钱 price gouging107.顶格处罚 the maximum penalty机构、职业群体和场所名称108.世卫组织 World Health Organization (WHO)109.中央应对新型冠状病毒熏染肺炎疫情事情向导小组(中央应对疫情事情向导小组) Leading Group of the CPC Central Committee for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control110.国家卫生康健委员会(国家卫健委) National Health Commission (NHS)111.中国疾病预防控制中心(中国疾控中心) Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC)112.(国家医保局) National Healthcare Security Administration (NHSA)113.医疗机构 medical institution114.卫生机构 health institution115.医疗从业者 medical practitioner; healthcare professional116.医疗人员 medical personnel; health workforce; health workers117.一线医护人员 frontline health workers118.钟南山 Zhong Nanshan, a prominent Chinese expert in respiratory diseases (and a hero of the 2003 fight against SARS)119.定点医院 designated hospitals 120.发烧门诊 fever clinic121.重症监护病房 intensive care unit (ICU)122.检疫所 quarantine office123.药店 pharmacy; drugstore病理症状124.病理 pathology125.病原体 pathogen126.病毒变异 virus variation127.病毒突变 virus mutation128.临床体现 clinical picture129.上呼吸道熏染 upper respiratory tract infection (URTI)130.低氧血症 hypoxemia; low blood oxygen131.纤维化 fibrosis132.肺脓肿 lung abscess133.双肺浸润性病灶 infiltration in both lungs134.发烧 fever 135.乏力 fatigue136.干咳 dry cough 137.头疼 headache138.胸闷 chest distress; chest oppression139.心慌 palpitations140.恶心想吐 nausea141.腹泻 diarrhea142.呼吸难题 dyspnea; respiratory distress; breathing difficulties143.呼吸急促(气促) shortness of breath; panting144.熏染性休克 septic shock器具名称145.红外体温丈量仪 infrared thermometer146.体温检测热像仪 thermal imaging camera for temperature monitoring147.诊断器具 diagnostic tool/kit148.消毒液 disinfectant; antiseptic solution149.消毒湿巾 disinfectant/antiseptic wipes150.含酒精洗手液 alcohol-based hand rub/sanitizer151.口罩 facemask; mask 152.N95口罩 N95 mask/respirator153.医用外科口罩 surgical mask154.防护服 protective suit155.护目镜 goggles 156.一次性手套 disposable gloves157.负压救护车 negative pressure ambulance其他医学名词158.国际卫生条例 International Health Regulations (IHR)159.盛行病学 epidemiology160.盛行病学观察(流调) epidemiological investigation 161.呼吸器官 respiratory organs162.呼吸道 respiratory tract163.消化系统 digestive system 164.神经系统 nervous system165.肾功效 renal function166.流感 influenza; flu167.结膜炎 conjunctivitis; pink eye168.宿疾、慢性病 chronic ailment; chronic disease169.高血压 hypertension; high blood pressure 170.糖尿病 diabetes; diabetes mellitus171.心血管病 cardiovascular disease 172.基因序列 genetic sequence173.基因结构 genetic structure174.试剂 reagent175.诊断 diagnosis176.检测样本 test sample177.医学视察 medical watch; medical observation178.病毒分散 virus isolation179.抗病毒药 antiviral drug180.退烧药 febrifuge; antipyretic译匠编辑,内容泉源:中外洋文局;作者:中国翻译研究院。



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